• A photography series by Amanda Jones

    A dog’s love is timeless. The bond we share with our canine companions deepens and matures in their journey from playful pups to wise old friends. Dog Years Project is a beautiful collection of the lives of 50 dogs. In portraying each dog at both young and old ages, photographer Amanda Jones reveals the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime. This powerful collection of photographs reminds us that life really is better with a dog by your side.


    The Dog Years Project was inspired by Amanda's first dog.
    Lily the long haired Dachsund was photographed by Amanda from the day she came home.

    Amanda has been working on her young and old series for 10 years.
    This is her current Dachshund, Benny. He is currently fifteen years old.

    Sometimes dogs don't need years to change. Some dogs change in a short amount of time!

    Chewy managed to lose an eye in between his two portrait sessions. The eye was lost to a medical condition. He is living a great life with one.

    These three Labrador Retrievers were an absolute must to photograph as seniors. Amanda and her husband Chris traveled to Beach Haven, MI to make sure this old / young series was created.

    Hazel grew up with her best friend, Juno. The senior photo was taken 10 years after the first one. Hazel was in college by the time we took the second portrait. Love how they matured together!

    Frank and Noodle came in for their first portrait session in 2008 when Amanda was shooting in Seattle. They came back to the studio in 2016 and managed the exact same pose! Love these two beautiful Dachshunds.

    Eleanor is a lovely Pug that was photographed first in Houston, TX. Her senior portrait was taken 6 years later in Reidsville, NC. She aged beautifully!

    Abby was a Havanese that Amanda photographed every year for the family holiday card. She was always fun on the set. Her owners would bring a bag full of hair clip changes to the shoots. Such a well loved dog!

    Ladybug and Benny are two of Amanda's three dogs. They have been close friends for 8 years. Do you love their beautiful Italian leather collars by Pantofola-Mia? Nothing but the best for these two old friends!

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  • About Amanda

    For twenty seven years Amanda has been photographing dogs exclusively for private and commercial clients across the United States.


    Her style is simple and elegant, highlighting each subject’s expressive features. Whether it’s a two hundred pound Bull Mastiff or a two pound Chihuahua, Amanda always gets the shot.


    Amanda maintains a busy US travel schedule that allows private clients in most major metropolitan areas access to her services. She loves meeting new owners and pets every time she visits a different city. Her clients all share an infectious devotion to their pets that keeps Amanda’s and her subjects tail waggin’.


    Amanda’s work has been featured in national publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Houston Chronicle, Bark Magazine and the German dog magazine, Dogs. She has appeared on several television shows including Good Morning America, The Early Show, Fox and Friends and San Francisco’s Evening Magazine.


    Amanda has published six books of her photographs: Greyhounds Big and Small: Iggies and Greyts, Dachshunds Short and Long, Frenchie Kisses, A Breed Apart: a Celebration of the New American Mutt, Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then and Now and her newest book, Unleashed.


    Find more of her work: www.amandajones.com.

    Purchase cards, prints and other goodies: www.shopthedogstudio.com

  • Amanda on the set!

    Amanda is available for dog portrait sessions across the country. Visit her website: www.amandajones.com for her shooting schedule and more information about her portrait sessions.

  • Amanda on the set with Annie Selke's Basset Hound puppies.

    This video shows behind the scenes at one of Amanda's portrait sessions.

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